FractalMed application areas

These are some of the FractalMed application areas

Detection of brain disorder in brain resonance imaging in normal appearing.

Clinically isolated syndrome patients type show changes on the FD of the white and grey matter in normal appearing before the lesions appear.

Monitoring the development of MS

The FD varies significantly depending on the type of MS, so it allows for parameterization of the monitoring and therefore the tracking of the disease.

Detection of brain disorder in prematures.

We have obtained results regarding detection of brain disorder in premature infants who suffered intrauterine growth restriction and premature birth even when the brain imaging was appearing normal.

Detection of brain disorder in other neurological diseases with resonance imaging appearing normal.

Some changes have been detected in the FD of the brain imaging of patients with other neurological diseases such us Schizophrenia, Alzheimer and Parkinson amongst others.

Detection of changes in normal brain aging.

A change in the FD of the brain structures while using resonance imaging of normal individuals during their aging has also been revealed.

Monitoring of the evolution of brain tumors.

It is been shown that the FD allows the monitoring of neuroradiological brain tumors with antiangiogenic treatments.

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